Business development

In today’s business environment, companies are constantly being challenged with decreasing revenues, profitability and shareholder value. These challenges encompass a number of aspects such as establishing presence in new markets, finding initiatives for sustaining and adding growth, and diversifying and restructuring to improve efficiencies and operations.

Our Business Development Consulting engagements are typically tied to a strategic and/or business need that involves

√   A potential new business or product-market opportunity

√   Starting a new business or joint venture

√   Establishing or developing in-country or in-region distribution

√   Business Reengineering

√   Divesting an established business or operation

  • EGSL works with its clients to develop a situational overview of key issues and questions that the project work must address, and key metrics for making decisions on recommendations;

  • The initial phase involves analysis and assessment of the relevant business and product-market;

  • The analysis/assessment phase results in validation of the opportunity, and a process for refining findings, selecting viable alternatives and planning.

  • Implementation: builds on the results of all prior stages. This stage implements the components of the system constructed and/or acquired during the development stages.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Is a systematically measuring, tracking programme activities and results. Our Monitoring and Evaluation draw conclusions on five main aspects of the intervention:
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Impact
  • Sustainability

  • The engagement ends with clear recommendations, executable plans and/or next steps for deployment and execution.

We are structured into both local and international industry (private and public sectors) that provides focused knowledge gained in the client’s own industry.