Capacity building

Capacity Building and Knowledge Management, integral to today's e-centric world, constitute one of EGSL's four main operational areas. The Transformation Governance Plan (TGP), aimed at improving delivery of public services by creating a citizen-centric and business-centric environment, can be better implemented if focused efforts are made to build capacities and manage knowledge at all levels of government. One could have a number of components as part of Capacity Building; however we look at Capacity Building along the four building blocks.

The core areas of Capacity Building for the political, administrative, institutional and project levels would include: establishing - institutional framework, engaging competent personnel with required skill sets and experience and upgrading internal skill sets through training. This implies:

  • Analysis of existing knowledge, skill sets and experience
  • A clear vision of the goals ahead
  • A blueprint to reach the identified goals
  • Systems that will sustain the goals to be achieved.