EGSL’s In-Services Training

If sending your staff to one of our public courses is not feasible, in terms of timing of the public option, or you may find a need to train a group of staff from your organisation. In-plant training is meant to help you solve challenges like these.

In some cases, designing an in-house training programme simply involves modifying existing workshop programmes to fit the specific needs of the stakeholder’s company, while at other times, a complete customized solution is required. Such trainings are usually developed in partnership with our clients, so that their expectations are met and possibly even exceeded, with the option of additional follow up training sessions, to ensure that learning has been fully applied into your business.

We always welcome the opportunity of working closely with our stakeholders, and in-service training is one of those times when we can show stakeholders another level of skill and expertise in helping them achieve individual, team and business objectives.


Why choose EGSL’s In-service Training?

You save money: cost per person is lower compared to sending staff to a public course. In addition, we always select the best trainers from our team of more than 200 subject matter experts; to meet our clients’ needs, as well as aim to exceed their expectations.

The in-service training provides flexibility for our client and gives our clients the liberty to select a suitable time, location and content of the training.

We strive to make all training courses as practical as possible, to enable us meet jointly set aims and objectives.
Our in-service engagements also provide a chance to build team spirit and help bring our clients staff together in a common learning environment.