About us

ENROYALE GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED  is a World-Class Consulting Firm with specialization in Human Resource Management, Management Consultancy Services, Business Development Consultancy Services and Capacity building Services. We are committed to our client’s development and growth through the introduction of internationally proven innovations, ideas, products and services to our client which are aimed towards enhancing the productivity of their organization.

At EGSL, our services draw on the experience and skills we have obtained from being at the forefront of international development and we continually build on our extensive practical expertise and knowledge.

Our Staff are Professionals in their areas of specialization and use real-life examples and case studies to support their work. We are committed to providing professional, personal service links and dedicate ourselves efficiently and effectively.


We listen to Our Client,
We assess our Client’s Needs,
We deliver solutions that meet client’s needs,
We go the extra-mile.


ENROYALE GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED will inspire its Employees to be the best they can be. We will engage in Sustainable Practices and anticipate the needs of our clients. We will maximize return to the Stakeholders while still maintaining World-Class Standard in our Services.


To be a Modern, Dynamic and Technologically Enabled Team, running a World-Class Consulting Service.

Our Objectives

In describing our firm’s goals and objectives, we do not resort to the standard cliché lines about high deals and inherently naïve and complex formulas for success. As a result, our objectives are resolute and tangible. (1) to build a formidable team of HR strategists who are able to collaborate with institutions across various fields for superior performance. (2) to emerge top 5 HR firms in Abuja by 2019.

Our Growth Plan

At EGSL, our growth remains consistent and measured to ensure delivery on our commitments to superior solutions. Over the next five (5) years, EGSL will focus on expanding its reach to the small and medium scale enterprises whose businesses have been devoid of investments in Human Capital management. Our plans include strengthening our place in the United Kingdom by forging at least (12) additional strategic partnerships with expert strategists and consultants in various fields to ensure that EGSL has a broader spectrum of solutions tailored to the various client types.

We also plan to re-established our position as leaders in the Public Sector terrain by targeting model agencies and parastatals who desire to invest more in Human Capital. Overall, we will optimize the benefits of migrating from a sectional brand into a strong national and regional brand. Our focus will remain primarily on clients with vision and a true desire for change and transformation.

Our Commitment To Clients’ Services

We are committed to excellent delivery of a wide range of services to our clients to meet their growing needs. We are dedicated to delivering actionable results in a tight-knit bond by leaving a positive impact on their businesses.

The high expectations we set for our service delivery teams are articulated, throughout all facets of the firm from its values. At EGSL, we ensure our services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our Core Values


We are known for

We continuously seek workable solutions to our client’s problems, leveraging on our staff that bring to bear their skills, understanding of the issues in delivering services

We are a multi-disciplinary industry practice firm. Our clients benefit from our enhanced knowledge of their industry. We know how their markets work and what their issues are.

Competitive and realistic, we offer additional deliverables and pragmatic recommendation on risk control and process enhancement

We continuously seek workable solutions to our client’s problems, leveraging on our staff that bring to bear their skills, understanding of the issues in delivering services

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