Payroll Management.

Enroyale- payroll process

Pre-payroll activities

  • Defining payroll policy

The various policies such as pay policy, leave and benefits policy, attendance policy, etc. come into play at this time. As a first step, we define the policies which are then approved by our management to ensure standard payroll processing.

  • Gathering inputs

We interact with multiple departments and personnel to gather relevant information i.e. mid-year salary revision data, attendance data, etc.

  • Input validation

Once inputs are received, we check for validity of the data concerning adherence to company policy, authorization/approval matrix, right formats, etc. We also ensure that no active employee is missed out and that no inactive employee records are included for salary payment.

Actual payroll process

  • Payroll calculation

We input validated data into our payroll system for actual payroll processing. The result is the net pay after adjusting necessary taxes and other deductions. Our calculations are error-proof.

Post-payroll process

  • Statutory compliance

All statutory deductions like EPF (Employee Provident Fund), TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), ESI (Employee Social Insurance) are deducted at the time of processing payroll.

  • Payroll accounting

We take record keeping very seriously at EGSL and ensure that our books are updated and current.

  • Payout

Our payout methods are done by bank transfer. Every employee is required to have an account at designated banks to ensure seamless payment.

  • Reporting

 Final reports are provided at the end of the payroll process. This is done to ensure accountability.