Recruitment and Selection.

Whereas recruitment identifies and makes the potential candidates to apply for the jobs, selection process chooses the right candidates for the vacant positions.

Our recruitment approach is cutting edge and will be tailor-made to the specific human capital needs of the organization. Our strategies ensure that the individuals we shortlist, and present are of high quality. We concentrate our efforts on delivering candidates who have demonstrated a track of professional and leadership qualities, with a knack for career growth and stability.

EGSL Recruitment Optimization model is designed to address the pressure that HR departments face on a daily basis and, to reduce the cost-per-hire when embarking upon volume recruitment drives.

  • Sourcing Talent – We advertise roles across 40 different channels using a unique combination of trusted job websites, media channels and social media to ensure the job role is seen by the right people.
  •  Screening & Shortlisting – We proof-read and screen all CVs, and our lead HR consultant personally interviews successful applicants so that you end up with a shortlist of the strongest 5 candidates.
  •  Final Selection – We will be on hand during the entire interview process, offering advice from interview procedures to contract and salary negotiations.
  •  Checking References: Reference checking is a process of verifying the applicant’s qualifications and experiences with the references provided by him. These reference checks help the interviewer understand the conduct, the attitude, and the behaviour of the candidate as an individual and also as a professional.
  • Medical Examination: Medical examination is a process, in which the physical and the mental fitness of the applicants are checked to ensure that the candidates are capable of performing a job or not. This examination helps the organization in choosing the right candidates who are physically and mentally fit.
  • Follow-Up Procedure – The final step is to ensure a happy fit, so six weeks after appointment, we will be in touch with a site visit in person.

Job Profiling and Analysis

Our Job Profiling and Analysis process is structured to establish the key links between the essential requirements of a job, position or role and the knowledge, skills, abilities and behavioural characteristics necessary for successful performance.

We look at the key accountabilities of a job, draw up the job descriptions and then produce a set of key performance indicators against that job. This helps us determine the skills, knowledge, experience, competencies and behaviours associated with the successful performance of the job.

Compensation Management

“If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it you almost don’t have to manage them.”
― Jack Welch

Our Compensation Management Policy,in line with our strategic goals, objectives and culture involves giving monetary as well as non-monetary rewards to the employees in order to compensate for the time they allocate to their job. We understand the need to leverage on human capital in order to gain a competitive edge in the industry. Our Compensation Management motto is “maximizing the return on human capital.”